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We provide comprehensive assistance for grant applications, including consultations on project development, budgetary considerations and research compliance requirements. Core logistics readily support pilot projects and generation of preliminary data.

NYSTEM Investigator Award Applications

New York State Grants Gateway

General Considerations

  • ALL forms must be submitted with the application, even if the form is designated “Not Applicable.” Failure to submit all forms will result in disqualification of the application.
  • A single person may not be listed as a PI or co-PI on multiple applications for either an IIRP or an IDEA award. If a PI or co-PI submits multiple applications for the same award, all applications will be disqualified.
  • The budget counts for 20% of the application score, and should be justifiable based on the workplan and timeline.


Forms 16 – 18 must be submitted for each collaborator at different institutions

Committee approvals are not required before submission of the grant application, but will be required before awards are made.
From the official Q&A section of this RFA: “Proof of all necessary protocol approvals will be required at time of notification of award and must be in place, for any activities that are expected to take place in Year One, at time of award. Delays in submitting protocol approvals to NYSTEM will cause additional delays in contract execution (also see Award and Contracting Process, below).”

Form 16: Human Subjects

  • If the project utilizes established human stem cell lines with demonstrable provenance and de-identification of donors, human subjects are not involved and the project is exempt under federal regulation 45 CFR 46, most likely under Exemption #4.
  • This includes human embryonic stem cell lines RUES1 and RUES2 available in the RPI Stem Cell Core, as well as lines obtained from WiCell. Check product information of cell lines obtained from reputable commercial sources and cell banks for provenance declarations.
  • An inquiry should be submitted to the institutional IRB for official confirmation of exemption, but this may be done after submission of the grant application.

Form 17: Vertebrate Animals

  • If vertebrate animals will be utilized in the project, check yes for question 2.
  • IACUC review may be listed as pending in question 3. Although IACUC applications may be submitted after submission of the grant application, IACUC approval must be obtained before contracts will be awarded.

Form 18: Human Stem Cells

  • If the project involves human stem cells (including embryonic, mesenchymal or neural), check Yes for question 2.
  • If the project utilizes human embryonic stem cells approved by the NIH (registry) or other non-embryonic human stem cell lines with documented provenance AND all work will be done in vitro, the project qualifies for exemption under both NAS 1.3(a) and ISSCR Category 1.
  • ISCRO committee approval, expedited or full, is still required before contracts will be awarded.


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