Training Program

“Pre-College Teachers Training Program in Stem Cell Biology & Bioengineering”

This intensive summer course for pre-college teachers will introduce participants to the basic strategies and thought processes of scientific research and will provide a thorough foundation in key topics including cell biology, stem cell science, Arduini_hESC-memEGFPcell imaging strategies, tissue engineering, responsible conduct of research, and ethical issues related to the stem cell field. The program will drive the development and maintenance of productive collaborations between faculty mentors and teachers.  This immersive experience and subsequent long-term relationships between teachers and researchers will facilitate interactive design and implementation of cogent lesson plans and transportable hands-on classroom teaching modules. A primary goal of this program will be to cultivate informed, excited students who carry a deeper understanding of stem cell science into their future academic and career choices.

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RCSCR cipcelogo2 This program is a joint effort of Rensselaer’s Centers for Stem Cell Research and Initiatives in Pre-College Education, and is funded by New York State Stem Cell Initiative (NYSTEM) C30161GG.

Additional support for the 2017 program was provided by National Science Foundation (NSF) award EEC #1559963.